Fields of expertise

Software design

Build open and secure e-Services in record time.

Full software production cycle : analysis, design, adaptive planning, evolutionary development in parallel of Quality Assurance process, early delivery and continuous improvement, rollout, documentation, training and support.

Open-customs and single window platforms solutions based on international standards and developed in record time from in-house developed generic G2G, and G2B components.

Specialized module for the management of electronic payments with third party systems.

Specialized module for the integration of government agencies at different levels of automation, into an integrated electronic single window environment.

Strong expertise in the field of electronic transactional processing, Single Window for foreign trade, customs clearance and risk management processing, multi-source big data analysis on clustered environments.

In-depth knowledge of ASYCUDA++ / ASYCUDAWorld environments: integration of e-services, plugging of web interfaces, migration without data loss, operations monitoring, technical and functional support. ASYCUDA  is a customs clearance software distributed by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).

Deep knowledge of Java and related frameworks (Spring, Hibernate).

Deep knowledge of Groovy/Grails and related web development frameworks.

ICT infrastructure management

Design and setup complex ICT infrastructure

Conception, installation, configuration, monitoring, support and maintenance of large ICT infrastructures with data centers and private telecommunication networks:

  • Setup of server farms with high-availability virtualized servers based on VMware / vSphere
  • Setup of Oracle database servers including Oracle streams and Golden Gate technologies
  • Development of backup and archive management tools and procedures
  • Design of telecom networks’ secured topology based on current standards, CISCO and HP hardware
  • Implementation of active disaster recovery sites with live backup and automated switch-over
  • Deployment of hardware and software’s live monitoring solutions (NAGIOS, in-house developed tools)