e-Government solutions

Innovation towards self-sustainability

Building Better Systems

Fast deployment of transactional solutions with innovative generic business components

Business logic dynamically configurable by authorized users

Secure data interchange through government virtual integration platform

Clustered management of multi-source big data

Performance, security, and resilience in challenging environments

Highly skilled and experienced development and support team

Use of open-source standards for costs optimization and eased know-how transfer

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Fields of expertise

FIP is specialized in ICT solutions integration for G2G, G2B, G2C, and B2B services. FIP covers the entire software development cycle, as well as the design, setup, and support of both network and solar power infrastructures, data centers, active disaster recovery sites, and user environments.


Tailor your needs

There is no off-the-shelf software in the field of e-government services. Each government agency has its specific requirements and tailored transition path. FIP has developed generic business components allowing fast customization of G2G, G2B and G2C solutions.

FIP Toolkit

Work in confidence

FIP experts have accrued a strong expertise over years in designing, deploying and managing large-scale, complex modernization projects in several continents. FIP capitalizes on this experience to anticipate potential challenges and deliver efficient, sustainable e-solutions.